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What is FEES?

Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallow (FEES) is an objective assessment of a patient's swallow function. It utilizes a flexible endoscope with camera to assess swallow function and visualize penetration or aspiration of food and liquids into the airway in real time.


It is the preferred assessment method over Modified Barium Swallow studies (MBS) in certain cases. Reasons FEES may be the more clinically appropriate objective swallow study:

Why is FEES the clear choice?

Jessica Lasky has developed Mobile Scope to help ensure that patients are provided with the proper care. She is a Speech Language Pathologist who has been practicing in the state of Arizona since 2011. She has worked in both out-patient and in-patient settings including SNF, acute rehab, community hospitals and trauma 1 hospitals. She works predominantly with the adult and geriatric populations. Her specialties include post-CVA, trach/vent, TBI, neurodegenerative diseases, and failure to thrive populations. Jessica completed the course work to become FEES competent in 2012 and has been performing these assessments in many different settings since. She is a highly skilled and caring person who will work thoroughly to make sure the patient gets the care that they need.

Why should you choose Mobile Scope?